Swipe and Roll

By 24 January 2021

Swipe and roll is an amazing slot game created by Netent based on the theme of the traditional video slots, you find at land-based casinos. If you have been playing casino slots at brick and mortar casinos, you will find it easy to associate with this game. The design direction is very similar to the traditional slot however, the game has a modern feel to it with the introduction of modern elements. As the game became public, it received a wide acceptance across the online casino game industry. To get the best games, you should try to visit https://www.topnetent-casinos.info

What is the game theme and settings?

The game reel sits on a small bar with no customer. It shows the spot for the mixer. This sets the mood of a typical bar for players who frequent joints like this. This bar has a retro feel and the game features the night time with the sound of the cricket setting the mood for a typical Friday night. The game spin icon is a switch which is a deviation from the popular spin icon players are used to when playing other slots. To learn more, you need to check out chinesevideochannel.com and explore their free resources.

  • The casino game can be set using options like level and coin value

When you want to start playing, you have to make changes to the default setting of the game. You can start with the bet size of the game. To change the bet size, you can adjust it using the level option. This has a value between 1 and 10. The higher the level, the bigger the bet you place per spin. The value you set should be based on your bankroll. However, if you prefer high risk, you should just set it to the highest and spin on. Who knows, mother luck and smile on you as you spin.

You can also set the coin value. This will determine how much a single coin cost. You can set the value to a minimum of 0.01 and a maximum of 0.5. However, a small coin value means you get more coins to bet with but you have lesser coin win value. All your coin win will be less. A high coin value means that your bankroll will buy lesser coins but any coin win will have a high value when it occurs. With 20 winning combinations, you are sure to hit coin wins often. After setting the bet size, proceed to spin

For a winning combination to occur, the symbols participating in the combination must not be on the same reel. Also, you should note that there are quite a few symbols with high value on this reel. Sice of these symbols are high paying. The largest of all the symbols is a melon cut in half. When you get three or more on the reel, you will be rewarded with a minimum of 20 coins and a maximum of 300 coins. You should check this game out by registering at an online casino and searching for the game to play it.